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Today, article was released on PC Gamer , which shows that modding BF3 even without mod tools is possible, to some extend.

The mod runs on private, Punkbuster-free server. Basically, the mod removes sun from map 'Grand Bazaar,' but yet leaves street lighting on. Result is suprisingly fierce NIGHT-TIME map, even darker than that only BF3 night map (with motorway going across it.) And now IRNV scopes actually are useful!

Now, modding BF3 is possibility. I doubt that if more ppl will rise and start srsly modding, they (EA/DICE) can't stop modding scene rising on FB2. Hopefully we get more mods or official mod support!


EDIT: Also seems like from the official trailer, the mod works on any other map. Imagine Firestorm at night!
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I saw this because I am subscribed to that guy
I think it's a great mod! If only there were a download link.

DICE exec Patrick Söderlund poured cold slime over the possibility of mod tools. “If you look at the Frostbite engine, and how complex it is, it’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game,” he said.


There are a lot of people (like me) that actually have experience with game engines, programming, scripting and leveldesign!
There was indeed a mapeditor for BF2. that one also wasn't easy to use. the people that created it are actually random dudes who coded the program.
I hate that they won't release a mapeditor. maybe in the future when BF4 will come out (when EA can't make money off BF3 anymore) there will be a editor.
Then BF3 will be the most long lasting game ever!
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