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Daley007 #16437   Posted : 28-08-2013 14:04 GMT+1 hour       
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Hey all,

As u might have noticed me and some of my mates have bought the HumbleBundle Pack which includes BF3.
So ofcourse i were searching some Video's
Then i found the : Battlefield 3 Olympic Games.
And why not try this at the lan? we need at least 15-20 people tho, else some parts wont be able.
Such as : Mortar Run.
Jeep Race
Tank Battle

and many more things, i will update this soon with the Video's i saw

EDIT : The Video's

Mortar run :
Wild West Shoot out :
EOD Bot Battle:

of the tank battle and Jeep race i couldnt find any video's of the same guy... ofcourse there are some video's of em but oke.... i think we all can imagine what a jeep race and tank battle are alike

This is all the info i have at the moment.

If u want to be in the Olympics u do need to have some stuff unlocked: EOD Bot , mp344 REX, Javelin, SOFLAM, Mortar.
And ofcourse some skills with them
Just post down this topic if u wanna join the Olympics or not


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gasemans107th #16438   Posted : 28-08-2013 14:15 GMT+1 hour       
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I would say ask arround on the lan itself.
I never know what i am going to do until i am present on the LAN
Sticky #16439   Posted : 28-08-2013 16:30 GMT+1 hour       
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Good idea. Me and Skive will work things out before the LAN
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