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My name is Kasper, 16 years old and i come from Denmark.
Right now i'm studying at a High School in my hometown.
And when i have time for it i like to play games with my friends

Well reason why i'm here is for an accept for the TS channel
Usually I'm playing APB Reloaded and it's great to have a channel where we can communicate.
My ingame name is Kello and i have a clan called ICE.
DeltaSniper is in the clan and he is the guy who introduced me for the TS.
A lot of us from the clan would like to use this channel if that okay with you

- Kello
Daley007 #16731   Posted : 15-10-2013 10:06 GMT+1 hour       
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I'm fine with it xD but im not sure if most of clan can use it , WSjens already invited people he didnt announce to me or on the forum.
He'd better do that, and stick to one channel instead of switching and switching and.... so yea

But for you , im not a leader but i got a + on u

EDIT: Just for leader gasemans, it's an Ingame clan , so im not cheating on 107th ^^
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