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Raxi #16789   Posted : 24-10-2013 21:20 GMT+1 hour       
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Hi there,

Just wanting to introduce 2 new guests.

dks_aa and IaMT89, both are 2 real life friends of me.
dks_aa is going to play BF4 when it comes out, some of you might have already played with him.
IaMT89 needs a good pc first.

The reason why they are on this teamspeak is that they play GTA V on PS3, but the ingame chat abilities are really limited.
They have tried several programs such as Ventrillo and Skype. Since dks_aa is going to play BF4 with us anyway, I have invited them to our server.

Both are 23 years old, and I will take responsibility for their behaviour on the server, although both of em are very mature.


P.S. maybe IaMT89's older brother might join too, so if I know his nickname I will add it here
Sticky #16794   Posted : 24-10-2013 22:46 GMT+1 hour       
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Welcome on the server and join the 107th
gasemans107th #16795   Posted : 25-10-2013 14:03 GMT+1 hour       
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Welcome boys
Paost 92-93 #16797   Posted : 25-10-2013 15:23 GMT+1 hour       
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Hello Hello
SirHurricane #16802   Posted : 25-10-2013 17:18 GMT+1 hour       
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