Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 13-01-2012 19:52 | Comments: (5)

We received some reports that the BF3 server was lagging like hell.
The company has reacted on the problems and changed some routering for us.

The server is running without lag again
Martin007 | 13-01-2012 20:35

Thx 4 the info

Unknown1355 | 13-01-2012 23:44

Good that it got fixed. Would've been unfortunate if it would continue "lagging like hell." (<--- LMAO, nice to see that my reports noted)

gasemans107th | 14-01-2012 10:21

I liked the comment
So i used it.

Credits to you

Jamiman | 15-01-2012 02:22

WAIT....hell has lag? :O

I'd better start being good then!

taocidao | 27-10-2012 06:57

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