Before joining the clan read these rules

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Section 0: Rules of Joining

0.1) You must be 16 years or older to join the squad. We had a lot of trouble in the past with young members who couldn’t play matches or stopped playing in a match because they had to go to bed.
Exception for the kids/brothers and sisters from our 107th family members, please fill in who is your family so we can verify it.

0.2) Please pay attention! All members and recruiting members should known the squad rules, I know we have a lot of rules but they are very important! If you wish to participate in matches you got to have all the rules in your head!

0.3) All done? Send a request to join the squad and a squad leader will contact you. You will be a recruit for one month where you have to prove yourself. Show us why you belong to our team.

0.4) You can't play in other squads then the 107th. If found that you are playing in other squads besides the 107th you will be banned from the squad.

0.5) As a trial member you have to be active on the website and the gameservers. Your trial wil last one month, during this month you will be evaluated by the clanleaders, meaning that they'll monitor your activity on the gameservers and website. If you are not active enough on both the servers and the website you will not make the trial period.
If there is any doubt about it then the clanleaders can choise to extend your trial with an extra month

Section 1: Member Rules

1.1) Be courteous. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is okay to joke around and have fun but do not come into the server and start talking smack about someone's skill and inability to play the game at your level. We were all newbie's at some point.

1.2) Follow the direction of your leaders. Whether you agree or not with their decision isn't an excuse. We are a team and must work together as a team in order to succeed.

1.3) Don't under any circumstances argue in the server. If you must argue do it offline. We don't want it in the server at all. Our server is our place of business if you will. Do you yell and argue with co-workers in the hallways? No, didn't think so. If people are saying things you don't like in the server then ask them politely to stop. If they don't stop then seek out an admin to deal with it. For the most part admin’s are either online or available almost 24/7. If you are arguing online its like a retard running in the Olympics, at the end your still stupid.

1.4) The teamleaders posted on the 107th Member pages handles recruitment. All communication about recruits will go through the leaders. Recruits must make themselves available to the leaders in order to try out and be assessed. To get this all started always add the teamleaders to your MSN so they can find you.

1.5) Do not accuse other members of cheating. If you think they cheat take an Screenshot or make a movie with Fraps. Then sent it up to a team or squadleader. Then they will assess them to see if you are right. Do not post anything on the forum, or tell any other members about your accusations, go directly to the leader.
If needed we will ask an outsider to check out the member.

1.6) Do not cheat under any circumstances. If found you will be BANNED at immediately. You will be banned from the 107th servers forever. So no second chances any more. We know we have made exceptions but we're drawing a line now.

1.7) Do not complain about the rules, server, website, team or squadleaders, members, other clans, cheaters, or anything that is Squad Related. Bring it up in a mannerly fashion to a leader and they will deal with it.

1.8) Kiddo members are allowed to join, there is no limit of age on it but the family member of the kiddo takes responsibility for his/her behaviour.
When there are any problems witch has to do with the kiddo then the family member will first try do deal with it, if that fails then the squad leaders will help out to get things sorted again.

Section 2: Server Rules

2.1) Do not cheat in our server, or anyone else’s server. We know many clans, and keep in contact with allot of them, if you are caught they will tell us, then you will be gone. Main point is, don’t cheat. If you are caught cheating in our server, then you will be banned from the 107th, no exceptions are made on this rule.

2.2) Let the server hosts catch the cheating player. If they are not caught and you believe they are cheating, watch them, take screenshots or make a movie with Fraps. If you can`t proof it ask the team or squadleaders and they will hunt.
If needed we can ask outsiders to hunt for us.

2.3) When a host has put a ban on a certain player then the host should have a fraps movie or screenshots, every banned player may ask the host for the evidence they collected against them. The host also need to report any banned players to the team and squadleaders and send them the reason/evidence of the ban.

2.4) Do not change the track/map or reset games without tell anyone first, or holding a vote. It pisses people of when they have a great position or score and all of a sudden you change the track.

2.5) Do not spam in the server, it gets annoying and slows the server down. No one wants to play in a laggy server. If you are caught spamming then you will be kicked from the server.

2.6) Do not cuss to an extreme. We know you like to cuss, but if you do it every two seconds like fuck this, fuck that, fucking shit, fucking fuck fuck fuckidy fuck, you will be kicked from the server. I know you may get mad, but take your aggression out on something else, like the ground, or saying' it out loud, not to other people in the server. Little fucks and shits and damns are ok, just don’t spam it.

2.7) Do not word-attack a person in the server, be serious and act in a manner to attract regulars and friends. Hell its just a game, have fun while playing it. If your not having fun playing the game, then what’s the point in playing?

2.8) Do not beg for admin of the server. If you want it, show it in a gracious manner. Then we may consider you having it.

Section 3: Match Rules

3.1) Listen to the leaders. That’s what they are there for, so listen up so we can win as a team. That’s the way the game was made, to play and win as a TEAM. If you see something the leader needs to know tell him.

3.2) Do not chat during any part of a match. This can get us kicked out of a league.

3.3) Do not communicate with the other team at any point of the match unless to ask a question UNRELATED to cheating or abuse of any kind.

3.4) Do not accuse other clans of cheating. It gets annoying when you spam, "they are fucking cheating!" and stuff like that constantly to your team and to the other team. Its not cool when you are accused of cheating, we’ve all gone through it so accuse. Just make a movie with Fraps or take a bunch of screenshots and send them to a leader, he will deal with the situation.

3.5) There will be no complaining in matches. If you are complaining and told to stop you will not be playing in any matches for a while. We hate when all everyone is doing is complaining and not playing the game. When you complain you get out of focus, and then its hard to get back in focus and by that you have you lost the match.

3.6) When asked to do something do it. Don’t complain or ask questions on why. Do it because its what your leader thinks you should do to win. If we ask you to go one way you better go that way. If you don’t there will be consequences. We will be leanient to this though.

3.7) When playing a match you have to be logged in on Ventrilo. Even when you don't have a mic you may still join the channel because you can listen to what the leaders have to say. It’s ok to speak on ventrilo but keep it clean! Only say usefull and gameplay stuff.

3.8) Always check the latest events on the homepage and sign in for the trainings and matches! You can always find the latest event in your User Panel but it’s better to plan ahead and see the next 3 upcoming on the homepage.

3.9) READ the forums, most important here are the Training, Tactics and Match Information forums, you can find the login information and match tactics in the forums!

3.10) Be sure you connect on time to Teamspeak, at least 30 minutes before a match starts, if you may ever have problems connecting to Teamspeak you have enough time left to fix it. Players who are not connected on time and without contacting a leader that they can’t connect are not playing the match anymore! A backup player will take over and you are out so be sure you are connected in time!

3.11) Team and Squad leaders are the ones you have to carefully listen to in matches, if you do not listen to what they say or do not take commands while playing you may lose the change on playing a match!

3.12) Squads visiting us and wanting to challenge us please think about how we play our matches....We are ALL non cheat. 107th was and is founded on fair play, 107th doesn't give a toss about how you view things because we know we are clean. .....if again you're too dumb to understand this then all I can say is good fooking luck to you and your squad...(cos baby you need it )

Section 4: Training Rules

4.1) Do not talk more then necessary when you are logged in to a training session. Listen carefully to what the leader has to say. This way we can actually train and learn something. We are tired of people screaming on Teamspeak or don't listen to what the leader says. When you are told to shut up by a leader and you wont you will be banned for that training session so others can train without being interrupted again.

4.2) Do not talk in Teamspeak unless you have to for the sake of having fun. Talk one by one and not all together because nobody will understand each other.

4.3) People who think they can fool around in the training server like constantly using your horn will be banned from that training session. You can try to join the next training session.

Section 5: Rules Teamspeak Usage

5.1) After some complains we decided that bindings may only be used when they are useful, stop playing with it. You get one warning, after that you will get banned for some time.

5.2) We have noticed that some people find it funny to disconnect and reconnect over and over again. Witch results in many times the same person in Teamspeak. You get one warning, after that you will get banned for some time.

5.3) Off course you are allowed to use comments. But abuse will not be tolerated. With abuse We mean the trick to let the comment sound go trough all channels. You get one warning, after that you will get banned for some time.

5.4) The main language when talking with Teamspeak is English. It's ok to talk other languages when all people are from the same country, but when a member from an other country joins the server the main language is English! People who talk other languages then will be kicked from the server. This rule was added after several complains about this.

Section 6: Site / Forum Rules

6.1) Do not spam the shout box in any way, it's ok to say a few words to your fellow squad members but do not abuse the thing.

6.2) Do not spam in the forum, we've made an "Off topic" where you can post all of your crap. All crap that is found in other topics will be moved to the off topic or removed instantly!

6.3) Never post links to illegal software on the site or the forum, if found you will be warned. If found again you will be kicked out of the squad.

6.4) Signatures in your profile that are used on the forum should not be big-sized. It's ok to have a nice signature but hey, we all want to read the messages wich are more important then those images right? The maximum width for signatures = 400 pixels. The maximum height for signatures = 150 pixels. The maximum file size a sig can be is currently set to 200kB. If your sig doesn’t meet these settings you will be asked politely to replace your sig. If we get no response your sig will be removed from your profile.

Section 7: Lanparty Rules

7.1) Everyone who damages the furniture, computers or other stuff that is not your property should pay all damage within 14 days. The 107th is not responsible for damages made by visitors. The network and network equipment should not be touched by the visitors. Bringing in your own fancy gear is allowed at your own risk. Hacking and any other form of vandalism will not be tolerated. Everyone found hacking or vandalising the equipment will be removed by the local police.

7.2) The squad leaders have arranged the location and they are also the people who decide who can enter the LAN building. When you enter the building attend one of the leaders that you have arrived. The lanbuilding is a non-smoking area, smoking can be done in the special assigned spaces and near the bar but NOT in the lan room.

7.3) Be sure you have your ID-card or passport with you at the lan, the organisation could ask for it.

7.4) It's allowed to bring your speakers with you at the lan but make sure you do not bother other people with your cool sound system, always pack your headphone too.

7.5) There’s always the possibility that the lan is cancelled at the last moment. In this case people who already have payd for the lan will get their money back.

7.6) Everyone who attends to the lanparty pays an entree fee, people who subscribe to the lan can pay in forward to the organisation, people who do not subscribe to the lan will pay the door price witch will be a bit higher. The money will be used for the rent of the building, if possible prices for the compos, the 107th website and the 107th game servers.

7.7) We are not responsible for the use of illegal software, it's ok to bring your burned cd's but at your own risk.
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