Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 13-10-2013 19:45 | Comments: (2)

Battlefield 4 is coming.
And it is time to start working on the Battlefield 4 server.

Getting a BF4 server means we need some money.
@this moment we have 24.78 euro available for the BF4 server.

I think it would be nice to order a 24 or 32 player server for at least the first 3 months.

24 player server = 84.11 euro total
32 player server = 112.15 euro total

With this we will receive a free BF3 server as well

The server will be combined with SCW.
This means we would pay 50% off it.
BUT it would be nice that we have enough money available to keep the server online after the 3 months.

You can donate through Paypal :
Or by banktransfer
IBAN: NL68RABO0348959338
on name of K. Gaasbeek

If you use the bank transfer please add the comment 107th BF4 server "nickname"
Ctejasper | 27-10-2013 12:27

Payed € 30,00 to keep the server running

gasemans107th | 27-10-2013 12:41

Same here, + the 23.50 of the BF3 payments moved as well
Could not transfer the complet amount somehow

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