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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike for Windows has been postponed indefinitely after " a problem has been detected ." Because quality according to the Swedish developer DICE his " first priority " is the third DLC pack for the game not released until all problems are solved.

The developer has announced the official Battlefield 4 forum. As of March 25 players with a Premium Membership of the game's latest DLC games on the Xbox 360 and One, and PlayStation 3 , and 4 can. That the developer takes this quality standpoint , is striking. At the time of the release of Battlefield 4 , the game was plagued by bugs and now , five months after its release , players still complain about technical issues in the game .

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike includes four new maps and the Titan game mode from Battlefield 2142 makes a re-entry under the name Carrier Assault . This time it is field and naval battles that take place on and around a number of islands . For each control point is a missile installation , which can be used to damage that it can be used by infantry , after which the ship can be . Also be switched off from the inside of the carrier penetrated the enemy team deployed in such a way Two weeks after the Naval Strike is available for premium members , the DLC will be available for purchase separately . A Premium membership costs 49.99 euro with Origin and the dlc will probably loose costs 14.99 euros .

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