Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 07-07-2014 21:21 | Comments: (4)

The BBQ that i was trying to organise will be postponed.

I will try to organise it in august.
The reason for this is the health problems with my father.
He will get surgery this month.
And i need to help my mother out.
So there is no time left for it :(

Daley007 | 08-07-2014 18:40

Hope he gets better! Voted new date

Sticky | 08-07-2014 19:35

Wish him good luck. Allready voted at the new poll

Ctejasper | 09-07-2014 20:24

No problems gaas, family is first

Paost 92-93 | 22-07-2014 16:46

No problem Gaas. Good luck with your family.

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