Trackmania servers still down

Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 01-09-2010 11:06 | Comments: (2)

Why are the trackmania servers still down

Unfortunalty the virtual server that was running the trackmania has crashed.
We are unable to start it up on a normal way.

We have already reinstalled a new virtual machine, but we still need to reinstall the trackmania and all its tools.
Dont expect to see the servers back online soon, because we dont have enough time to do it quickly.

More news will be posted soon
swiftquake | 01-09-2010 13:48

In the time that the servers are down, feel free to come playing on our TM server from Boeie.

you can find them in world>netherlands>overijssel

mummieman | 07-09-2010 20:57

lol tnx for tip but i sometimes play already on boeie

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