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Treyarch will be able to monitor the Call Of Duty Black Ops leaderboards, and will ban anyone who hacks.
JD_2020 (Twitter)

"Yes, we have the necessary tools in #CODBlackOps to moderate the leaderboards. Furthermore, we'll ban those who hack."

COD Black Ops Points
COD7 Black Ops features a brand new in-game currency: CoD Points. You still unlock weapons, equipment, abilities and customization through leveling up, but you have to purchase them before you can use them. As you play the game and earn experience points, you also earn CoD Points.

You choose the way you play the game; not interested in the Red Dot Sight? Skip over it and buy the ACOG Sight instead - the same idea goes for Perks and Killstreaks. When you reach level 4, all Perks become available for purchase. Killstreaks work the same way, but they are unlocked at level 10.

This system allows you to purchase what you want, when you want it, but you just have to make sure that you have the money. Earning money through regular gameplay is not the fastest way, but you do have two alternatives: Wager Matches and contracts.

Wager Matches
In Wager Matches players wager their CoD Points against everyone else. The top three players get rewarded, the first player earns the most, followed by the second and third player - the rest get nothing. Check out the video below for more information.

Raxi | 13-09-2010 17:59

Can't wait

Ruva | 14-09-2010 11:08

Kinda like it

Jaguar | 14-09-2010 13:22

Nice, also like the monitoring of cheaters.

KingStah | 15-09-2010 07:40

i know that 1 IN THE CHAMBER is gonna rock

Raxi | 15-09-2010 10:44

That'll be cool indeed

Jamiman | 15-09-2010 18:08

omg I am gonna buy it if it runs on my PC DEFO now. That crossbow and the 1 bullet mode does it for me

Jamiman | 15-09-2010 18:09

and the minigun tho the gameplay in this one looks way different to 6 imo.

Shooter | 16-09-2010 20:09

yeb going to buy it to looks nice

KingStah | 24-09-2010 12:06


tho the gameplay in this one looks way different to 6 imo.

true true but that a ncie thing. coz IW failed hard xD

Jaguar | 29-09-2010 21:43

Gonna go for MOH since i read that they planted some Nazi Zombies in the game. Game runs in the cold war. So where did they dig up this shit. Even worse: Don't like the games having Zombies (like Wolfenstein etc.).

mummieman | 25-10-2010 20:49

black ops gereserveerd bij intertoys met gratis CoD bluetoot headset

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