Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 11-11-2010 12:08 | Comments: (9)

This week CoD B.O. has been released.
And with that we accepted a new clangame aswell.
With this game we need to get things up and running again.
There for we have decided to make some changes with the teamleaders.
Kingstah and sticky are the C.o.D. teamleaders and they will manage all what needs to be done with B.O.

Goodluck boys
KingStah | 11-11-2010 12:12

We are going to do our best! as well for the server as for the clan

Jamiman | 11-11-2010 14:33

Goodluck m8's!

Anything i can do, feel free to send me a message

Shooter | 11-11-2010 18:37

and i like it

SteHill | 11-11-2010 19:19

i play with you!

jeremyman | 12-11-2010 13:18

Who have Black ops on the PS3?

KingStah | 13-11-2010 13:23

I do, but not playing its just a collectors item for me

Sticky | 14-11-2010 13:25

i'll do my best

Ruva | 14-11-2010 16:41

Hi all. I'm back! I will help Sticky again with the COD series

Ruva | 14-11-2010 16:42

@ jeremyman - I have Black Ops on the ps3. Add me: US_Marchal. I will be online at the begin of December

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