Submitted by: gasemans107th | Date: 17-11-2010 22:56 | Comments: (14)

We are proud to say that the Black Ops server is online and running
Server name : 107th Warriors MIXED 107TH.EU
IP and port number :

The server is running CTF for now.
We are waiting on response on how to set it in to mixed mode.
Admins for the server are Kingstah and Gasemans.

All Squadleaders will be able to manage the server later on.

Enjoy the server and the game
Shooter | 17-11-2010 23:05

very good work guys

Jamiman | 17-11-2010 23:06


Jamiman | 17-11-2010 23:06

Will there be a status script for server -> possible?

Martin007 | 18-11-2010 06:10

Good work people!

Panther | 18-11-2010 08:18

nice work m8, will try the TM server package you gave yesterday asap too

gasemans107th | 18-11-2010 10:06

Status scripts are not available yet

They are still working on it

The server is now running MIXED MODE for real
FFA is not in it, because the playlists are not available with FFA in it

swiftquake | 18-11-2010 10:25

nice i will play in it

Thunder107th | 18-11-2010 17:17

nice job

SteHill | 18-11-2010 17:37

where i can find the server?

Panther | 18-11-2010 20:45

ROFL @ CTF server (0 votes on that in poll)

gasemans107th | 18-11-2010 23:15


Raxi | 19-11-2010 00:18


I voted for mixed, and mixed means mixed. Every gamemode should be in there. Also FFA won't be missed, it's not really teamplay anyway

KingStah | 20-11-2010 08:33

it's running indeed mixed mode, all we need to do is spice up the text a little and discard a few maps

mummieman | 21-11-2010 12:38

WHOHO i have played on it great no lagg at all :107TH

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