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Submitted by: KingStah | Date: 13-12-2010 08:56 | Comments: (5)

Hi ppl

After i have posted the question about the training i've decided to do this on the Wednesday evening.

Training Starts at Januari 5 @ 21:00 GMT+1

There are some thing i would like to add to All members who have signed in for the match team.

1. Be around 10 to 15 minutes early then 21:00
2. Be on TS3 (this is most important.
3. Once the match is started, only talk about the match... tell your team mates were u got shot etc or where u know a camper or something like that! I have noticed that a lot of ppl talk about the kills they make and killstreaks they make or suddenly die and flame about it.. this is not handy when we play matches so plz be so kind to keep that in mind ;)
4. If you cant make it, Inform me (kingStah) or Murdock on time, so not 10 minutes before the training it selfs :D
5. Bring some Good team spirit and fun thats all :D

see you guys at the training ;)
Jamiman | 14-12-2010 19:40

Hf with it!

Panther | 14-12-2010 22:59

added forgotten banner to post
Gl with your first BO training, hope it turns out really well

KingStah | 15-12-2010 20:22

i forgot to say that the first training is Wednesday 5 january

Shooter | 18-12-2010 09:46

ill be there

mummieman | 22-12-2010 01:51

i have a new year party then whit work

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