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The online game World of Warcraft is parodied in the game pornographic Bone Craft. The erotic game by game studio D-Dub Software released this year for the PC.

Bone Craft is in a peaceful world full of elves and orcs invaded by space marines. Tough macho space marines and orcs fighting for the beautiful female elves.

It is not the first time that World of Warcraft gets a pornographic parody. In 2007, the video World of Craft Whore issued, but because the rights of the creators of World of Warcraft was renamed Whorelore porn.

Bone Craft is not the first game of pornographic D-Dub Software. The company was previously responsible for the online sex game Bone Town, a game based on the sexual escapades of American golfer Tiger Woods.
gasemans107th | 14-01-2011 07:53

Special for panther?

Corsair~107th | 14-01-2011 08:01

are there any cameltoes????

Jamiman | 14-01-2011 09:25


Panther | 14-01-2011 09:53

can't find it on the developers site ... Early april 1st joke?

Sticky | 14-01-2011 18:49

No Gase, special edition for the 107th

KingStah | 17-01-2011 10:00

if this is true, im willing to try this game

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