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Duty Calls publisher Electronic Arts has released a free playable game that Call of Duty, 'success of rival Activision, is parodied. The mini-game lasts five minutes and is only playable on Windows.

Publisher Electronic Arts has launched a website for the game Duty Calls. Through the website a free PC game from 760MB to be downloaded after installation appears to be mostly advertising for EA's own shooter Bullet Storm. The mini game that is played out in five minutes, mocks the realistic quality of Call of Duty series. This gives the player after the shooting of almost every opponent a higher grade, with increasingly complex titles. This increases the player in four steps from Master Sergeant Person Shooter "to" Sergeant Master Sergeants of the Most Important Person of Sergeants Extreme to the Max ".


At the end of the game is clear that the whole is made to Bullet Storm under the spotlight, the shooter development studios Epic Games and People Can Fly for Electronic Arts. Bullet Storm, which is in contrast to the Call of Duty game play across fictional world, appears on 22 February for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Like Bullet Storm Duty Calls made with Unreal Engine 3.

Panther | 03-02-2011 21:49

lol @ rank levels

gasemans107th | 04-02-2011 10:57

The video you see here is the game

HenkieDoedel | 07-02-2011 08:24

blablabla counting on you blablabla good luck! genius! :

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