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We have been doing research for TM2, and it's looking very nice.

Things we know about it so far:
- Pre-Made tracks are made by Nadeo and not by community.
- The game is running perfectly even on micro laptops (with bad graphics card for example)
- The game will be only available online, there is no packed version
- There will be a NO free version (But it will not be expensive )
- The editor has many more blocks and much more variation
- Cars have heavier steering
- Editor has Easy/Advanced option as before.
- Up to 200 players can play against each other online
- You can enter tags , with them you can go directly to tm-tube, tm-exchange or tm-carpark INGAME! ( this manialinks are marked blue in the game)
- Similar idea to coppers, with which you can buy adverts for track etc.
-Full ranking system as before, and achievements.

Of course, the big thing about it is the 'Maniaplanet' idea, so info on that:

-ManiaHome = Facebook (you get messages when friends uploading tracks and and and..)
-ManiaLive= create your own plugins ( for example fanfare= start music of game or a competitionsystem)
-ManiaPub =tournaments (with it you can make adverts for your tracks)
-Trackmania 2 is pretty well connected to your standard web browser, you can download extra tracks/maps/cars from the internet and it will be automatically added to Trackmania.

For 99% of the current info on the Game, here is a very nice link:

I think this game will be something special! :)
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