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Activision has release four teaser trailers, the game officially announced. The following rumors are true or not bekendgzemaakt. The rumors also Africa and twenty multiplayer maps called. Watch the trailer below.
All the trailers are the same except for the language.

UPDATE: gameplay video added

Website Kotaku has several sources that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on November 8th March will be released. The game will take us to cities like New York, Paris and London market. Work is underway by Infinity Ward and Raven Software Games Sledgehammer.

According to sources, the game will instantly pick up the story where Modern Warfare 2 finishes. We will pass by various characters as players we already know or will know. Some new characters include "Russian Federal Protective Services Agent ',' SAS Operative ',' tank gunner 'and ' AC-130 gunner. Two of the new characters, the code name 'Frost' and 'Sandman' get.

As a player we will again be driving several vehicles including a tank. The single of the game will contain some 15 missions and multiplayer will be two new modes Spec OPS get: 'Survival' and 'Mission'. Although this does not come from the Activision itself but the resources from the website we will have to wait if all this seems to be correct.


Sticky | 15-05-2011 18:49

when do they give a gameplay trailer free to watch?

Raxi | 15-05-2011 23:23

bekendgzemaakt.????? wut?

KingStah | 16-05-2011 08:27

finally!! cant wait

gasemans107th | 16-05-2011 10:07

lol @ raxi

It was a Dutch news post on that has been translated by google

We noticed it aswell yesterday

Raxi | 18-05-2011 19:00

please, next time read it once.

RockeTeK | 23-05-2011 10:12

Lol @ google

gasemans107th | 23-05-2011 21:24

@raxi, OHH SHUT UP

To mutch work already, dont have time for it

Raxi | 25-05-2011 19:15

I didn't wanted to mention the mutch, but now you've asked for it!

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