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Allianz Netherlands gets Mercedes GP to Bavaria City Racing (BCR)

Worlds biggest car insurance company Allianz brings the Mercedes GrandPrix team to Rotterdam(NED) on Sunday 21st august. During the BCR the Ross Brawn team will create several spectacular demonstrations. Last edition of the BCR more then 100.000 people witnessed the event that is now the biggest public event in the Netherlands.

This year is the first time the current number 5 constructors from the Formula 1 Championship will attend in the Harbour city. In 2011 the Mercedes GP team rides with Nico Rosberg and seven times world champion Michael Schumacher. Since the start of the 2011 Formula 1 season the Allianz Group partnered up with the Mercedes GP team, and can be seen on the HANS-systems of the drivers and the seatbelts of the cars. The BCR organisation can not confirm which driver will race through the Dutch cities in August.

Preview video:

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DATE : Sunday 21 August

Allianz has been active in the Formula 1 for more then 10 years. Since 2007 Allianz is ‘Official Global Partner of Formula One’ and emphasizes the safety aspect. As a support of the partnership, Allianz will sponsor the Safety Car and Medical Car during the Grand Prix. The Allianz Center for Technology, which is a international consultancy and research agency, has almost 80 years of experience in the improvement of race car safety, and innovates in car damage repair. “Allianz is proud to contribute to the biggest Car event from the Netherlands. Like in the Formula 1, we focus on the importance of safety both in racing environment and daily traffic” according to Sjoerd Laarberg, the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer from Allianz.
Both the organization, as the main sponsor Bavaria are excited about the addition of Mercedes GP to the BCR starting grid. Thanks to Allianz, the Dutch race fans can enjoy the silver Mercedes GP-car this summer.
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